Advanced School Report Card Generating System

Advanced auto report card generator

Advanced School Report Card

This Advanced School Report Card, is an automatic report card generator software for Nursery and Primary schools. This software is based on the latest Ugandan Curriculum. However Institutions/Schools can customize and implement their own system of Assessments. The system sets Easy customization of scholastic subjects as well as co-scholastic subjects. Sets main and additional subjects. It can keep additional records of students i.e. Schoolpay code, Learner identification Number(LIN), Students Number, Co-curricular activity records, special achievements records etc.

Advanced auto report card generator

Small File Size, Easy and very simple to install and configure

Advanced auto report card generator

Even a class teacher with least knowledge of computer can operate easily

Advanced auto report card generator

Customize Subjects, Assessments & Max Marks

Advanced auto report card generator

Less chance of Committing mistakes while entering data

Advanced auto report card generator

Class Teacher can work on it so easily. The software dose not is complected to operate. Simple user Interface gives less confusion to the user.

Easy Customization 

User can easily customize scholastic as well co-scholastic subjects as per their requirements. Lots of options to choose subject enrichment activity for each subjects. set grades, Subjects remarks, class information, If required the school can customize the name of assessments as well as weightage pattern also.

Advanced auto report card generator

In this school report card system, here is the window where students details is recorded and edited from. these include students name, Schoolpay code, sex, age, status, number of subjects and so on, any teacher/ admin can easily manage here.

In this school report card system, here is the window where students photos are uploaded, these photos are to be used on the reports as per attached name….

advanced School Report Card generating system

In this advanced school report card system, here is the window where report remarks are automatically generated from based on the performance of the child, these includes , class teacher and headteacher remarks.

Advanced school report card system, assessment’s records marks are entered from here , based on BOT, MOT, and EOT, all are marked out of 100% , however you as well clear the sheet and empty it and re-enter a fresh. with its good user interface any user can manage it here.

Other exams set can be recorded from here, these could be end of term set 2, 3, or even 4 etc, total, average, aggregates in 4, positions and divisions are automatically computed

Report card generator software

Printable marksheet, as per the assessments sets, can as be generated from here, as seen in the screenshot below.

Report card generator software

Performance analysis, pass rate analysis, grade wise, aggregates wise, subjects wise, and so can as well be generated from here

advanced report card system

Finally reports formats for mid term (mini – report ) and end of term report cards as well can be generated from here.

advanced report card system
advanced report card system

Feel free to work anywhere : The software does not need any complected tech installation ideas. Hence class teacher can work anywhere at school or home at their own convenient time and place.

Customized Prints: The software supports different print options i.e Report card for each Assessment, Customized students detail, Customized Mark list print as well as Tabulation sheet for each Assessments.

Easy Settings : The software sets Assessment pattern as per the CBSE’s latest Assessment pattern. However, School can customize their own subject combination, weightage pattern, Grading System as well as name of Assessments.

Complete Data Validation: Each data entry section is validated with appropriate data type and range so that user are refrain from data entry mistakes.

Light weight : Small file size yet efficient  work-ability makes it easy to carry and to transfer data.

Up-to-date : The software is updated as per the Uganda curriculum latest Assessment

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